Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Why choose the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme for your child?

When it comes to selecting a school for your child, parents are faced with a plethora of options these days. It is no longer only about the quality of education and other services that schools have to offer, but also about the curriculum they follow.

Your child needs a school that inculcates in him strong interpersonal values, promotes opinion formation and encourages healthy relationship building. All this, while ensuring that the education he gets helps him excel in his personal and professional life, no matter what part of the world he is in.
For generations now, CBSE and ICSE education has been considered the best in class. But with the introduction of IB schools in India, the scenario has changed dramatically. People are increasingly realising the benefits of opting for IB over anything else.

Edify International School is one such school with IB curriculum providing best international education bringing out the best in students and developing successful learners through a skills-based approach to teaching and assessing.

What is International Baccalaureate?

IB or International Baccalaureate is an international curriculum which involves more practical and application-based education. IB examinations test students’ knowledge, not their memory neither their speed, because it teaches how to learn rather than what to learn. Moreover, it has a broader spectrum of subjects which lead to all-round development of a child. There are no prescribed textbooks as the children can choose their own books. With high-quality international education programmes, the IB aims at producing global citizens.

The IB system offers programmes for three different age groups: 

  • Primary Year Programme (PYP) that is meant for the younger lot up to the fifth grade.
  • Middle Year Programme (MYP) for students between 11 to 16 years of age.
  • Diploma Programme (DP) for the 16 to 19 years age bracket.

As the stages advance, the content matures, teaching and learning methods become more refined and assessment becomes more rigorous. Yet the underlying principles of learning through inquiry and experience along with research remain constant.

Why IB world school for your child?

Here are 3 primary reasons that make IB education the best that you can give your child:

1. Application based education
One of the biggest advantages of IB education is that things you are taught are at par with the industrial demand and hence, easy to apply to your work life. IB encourages students to learn, analyze and understand what they are being taught instead of mugging up from a prescribed textbook.

2. Study subjects according to your interests
Unlike any other education system in India, IB curriculum exposes students to a vast variety of subject, giving them the choice of selecting whatever that interests them. Unlike traditional Science, Commerce and Arts where students can study only particular prescribed subjects, IB gives students the option to mix and match subject according to their interest.

3. A globally renowned curriculum
If you plan to move overseas in the future or have that American dream for your child, IB must be your obvious choice. Students with an IB Diploma have a higher acceptance rate at
universities abroad. Also, its simpler for IB graduates to find professional opportunities around the world.

Edify International School is located at Pune’s premium IT hub. With 14 years of experience and expertise, Edify school has over 25 schools across Asia. Abiding by the IB and CAIE curriculum standards, Edify education aims to provide the finest quality education that will evolve in sync with global changes in education, science, commerce and arts.

We believe that involvement of students in learning is one of the most important parts of education. It not only helps them experience it in real life but also to remember the experience for a lifetime.

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  1. Edity if IB affiliate or just following IB’s programmes? bcos entire website I don't see IB logo or any statement related to IB authority. Need your suggestion as I am going to take admission in your school.

    1. Adding more points here... rest of IB's school showing details about IB alongs with IB logo.

      Need your guidance and help to understand more about edity.