Monday, 28 May 2018

1st IB World School commences in Hinjawadi, Pune

For every parent, their children are the most precious and their children’s education the most valuable investment done for the future. Every parent goes through the dilemma of ‘choosing a right school’ soon after the child is born. Honestly, there’s no right or wrong way of doing things because as parents we all care about our kids and want to give them the best possible learning experience.

It is a very exciting time for education in India. 
As a parent, we get to learn the difference between various boards of education.
SSC – has a curriculum designed within the context of State.
ICSE and CBSE – follow the same nationwide curriculum.
IGCSE – offers a curriculum designed at the Cambridge University and affiliated schools follow their syllabus.

Best International School in Pune
Well-known among top International Schools is the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. IB provides a framework for the curricula to be taught within classrooms, but educators are actually in charge of developing the curricula, selecting books, which content to cover and how to assess students.

Edify International School is the 1st IB world school. With 14 years of proven expertise and experience and 25 schools across pan Asia, Edify now commences in Pune at Hinjewadi. One of the top IB school in Pune, Edify International School aims to create a 21st-century learning experience in which students can build connections between their studies and the world outside their classrooms.

Programs offered by IB:

  • FYP (Foundation Year Programme) – for age 1.6 years 
  • PYP (Primary Year Programme) – for age range 3-12 years 
  • MYP (Middle Year Programme) – for age range 11-16 years
  • DP (Diploma Programme) – for age range 16-19 years

Beyond preparing students for critical thinking and college-level work, the full IB program calls for students to express themselves through writing, community service and aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world. 

All-round development of young learners.
Apart from classroom and academics, learners are also encouraged to engage themselves in various extra-curricular activities. Different innovative programs, sports, arts and cultural activities, clubs and committees are provided with an aim to transform a child by fostering skills which will help him/her build their own identity through good values, manage emotions, build relationships, resist peer pressure, incorporate positive behavior and lead a healthy and productive life.

Abiding by the pedagogy of IB school, Edify education works to ensure that our programs have graduates that are inquirers, balanced, open-minded, thinkers, caring, knowledgeable, communicators and risk-taking individuals. Whether you are referring to the PYP or the MYP or the DP, the goal is to develop students in these Learner Profile attributes. A typical IB graduate has cultivated international mindedness and emphasizes on the process more than the product.
Edify International School aims to develop individuals who are lifelong learners and true global citizens.

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