Thursday, 16 August 2018

Common myths about International Schools in India

The choice of school and curriculum have a big influence on one’s course of life. The right choice can only be made when one is fully aware of all the facts about different educational approaches. With International curriculum like IB (International Baccalaureate) now gaining more relevance then ever, it pays to be aware of some of the most prevalent myths surrounding international schools and curriculum in India.
Do not miss out on a world-class education for your child on basis on a myth!

Let us dispel some of the most common ones:

Myth #1 

International Boards are only for students who wish to go abroad in the future.
Many of us aspire to send our children to a foreign university for higher studies. But the fact that students from other boards too went abroad for further education directly busts this myth.
However, in a globally interconnected world, studying a curriculum that is accepted and recognized all over the world certainly works as an added benefit for students and makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Myth #2

An International School curriculum does not help with competitive exams.
A lot of people believe that only traditional Indian curriculum provides in-depth understanding of subjects and problem-solving skills required for cracking competitive exams like CET, COMED-K, AIEEE and so on. However, this is completely untrue. Students of International Schools are more prepared to crack such exams based on logical reasoning, problem solving, etc. and hence they have a slight edge on these parameters compared to other students.
Also, cracking competitive exams is a not entirely a measure of student’s success. The real success to career is achieved when students identify their line of interest and develop skill sets specifically in their interest area.

Myth #3

International boards do no have very high academic value. Indian boards are tough compared to them.
This, once again, is not true. Indian boards are now moving towards application-based learning but in terms of academic value, International schools offer a much deeper level of understanding. The practical thinking, facing the exams, problem-solving skills etc.are given more emphasis in the international schools and that is the key differentiator.

Myth #4

In International Schools, children keep doing projects. There are no textbooks (hence no authentic study).
Yes, International Schooling is far more practical and project based but it is by no means without rigor. There are textbooks that are prescribed in International Schools based on the curriculum they follow (IB or Cambridge). The emphasis is more on projects, writing essays, presentations, exhibitions, games, etc. It is a strong belief that these activities provide more room for creativity and self-learning.

Myth #5

International School students do no get admission in Indian colleges.
Absolutely not. The International boards are well recognized by the higher education institutes in India. More than 50% of students from international schools take up admission in Indian colleges and they do exceedingly well. Not everyone with an International Degree moves abroad.

To sum up, International Schools are different in their pedagogical approach which is more global in nature. A degree from such school talks about one’s global outlook but does not make one lesser Indian. Also, the rate at which national boards are changing, they will very soon adorn a new avatar. And our nation needs that.

At Edify International School we believe that your child deserves a childhood that is filled with play, discovery and learning. Exams are not and cannot be the end goal of a student’s life. With IB education, your child learns how to learn, develop broader perspective, appreciates complexity and gains confidence to ultimately become an internationally minded individual winning at global level.


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