Friday, 19 October 2018

How schooling has changed over time...

In most aspects of life and society there have been considerable changes in the past few decades. One such area is the field of education- many of us will remember a time before whiteboards, E-learning and social media. There is a significant difference between the classroom of 100 years and the classroom of today. We have seen some positive changes to the school curriculum, as well as increased diversity and opportunities for students with learning challenges.

So how has education changed in and outside the classroom?

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1. Technology is opening new ways of learning 
With increasing development in technology, children are introduced to it from school itself. Kids can research topics online, explore different concepts and find inspiration for their work. Consistent use of technology develops necessary skills for the future in a digital world.

2. The chalk and board method is a thing of the past
Years ago, the classic blackboard and chalk was the pinnacle part of every classroom. Today, very few classrooms have chalkboard, with schools opting for interactive white boards. Interactive boards have changed the face of teaching by giving teachers the ability to access the internet in front of the class, show engaging YouTube videos or even send important study material to students over the emails. 

3. Self-learning is highly promoted
Traditionally, teachers used to dictate certain topics and students noted them down. That was all the learning that took place. Today, the scenario is different. Learners are encouraged to think, ask questions, research and find answers to those questions. This way, students take responsibility of their learning and are aware of the areas they need to work on.

4. Individualism is celebrated
Each student is unique and so is their pace of learning and area of interests. Educators, today, allow students to learn at their own pace, without the fear of being left behind. Also, learners are encouraged to practise the skills they possess and excel at a particular subject rather than mug up all concepts and not be clear about even one of them. 

5. A broader range of subjects to choose from
The recent curriculum allows students to choose from a range of subjects; subjects which they are interested in. Today education is more focused on the individual needs and learning styles of each child. 

6. International curriculums
With international curriculums being introduced in the Indian education system, the art of teaching and learning took a rather opposite phase that it was some decades back. Popular boards are CAIE and IB which offer a holistic approach towards child development and learning techniques. 

Edify International School relates to all the points listed above. Edify education boasts of an experience and excellence of 14 years, with 25 schools across pan Asia.  
With IB curriculum, well-trained and qualified educators, novel teaching and learning techniques, we aim to revolutionize education in Pune. 

The education practises at Edify cater to detailed academic needs of students, from getting the best out of their early education to getting a place at the top University. The way we learn will, of course continue to develop at a rapid rate, preparing students for a future which is highly globalized and technology driven.


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