Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Why Edify School is truly International?

An international school is more than just a setting with diverse group of students and teachers. It requires embracing varied languages and cultures, identifying the best educational practices from around the world, and providing a strong educational base to ensure that the students are able to adapt and thrive in any learning program around the world. A truly international school is one where global mindedness is at the heart of every decision, action and interaction between the members of the community.

Edify International school is an example of just such a school, benefiting students not only during their time here, but also well into their futures.

With 14 years of proven experience and expertise, the initiative has over 25 schools across Asia, abiding by world renowned International Board (IB) and CAIE standards. The International Board programmes challenges students to develop approaches to learning skills and take responsibility for their own learning, understanding how knowledge itself is constructed.
Our curriculum helps students to:
  • Ask challenging questions
  • Think critically
  • Develop research skills proven to help them in higher education

International Board is the most challenging educational board. Naturally it requires passionate, informed educators to cater to its high standards. Teachers at Edify are well-versed with the curriculum, who appreciate the academic breadth of IB as well as the idea that learning is way beyond the classroom walls and a textbook. Our educators encourage learners to think independently, instigate social and academic growth and look at learning through a much bigger lens than a multiple-choice test or standardised exams.

With ample other activities beyond academics, innovative programs, education tours, extensive use of modern technology for and by the students, a wide range of clubs and committees which your children can enroll themselves in, Edify International School provides a rather holistic pathway for young learners to not only excel in their studies but also in their overall personality development, further encouraging them to be internationally-minded within a complex, hyper-connected world.

Plus, the joy on your child’s face when they openly discuss what they learnt each day at school, with enthusiasm and confidence; isn’t this what we as parents and educators desire for our kids? To see our children not only excited about their future but also being really passionate about what they are doing? To see them become independent thinkers who are confident about embracing a future that offers so many possible trajectories for them?

Edify International School, through the IB and other activities, aims to provide your child with a strong foundation, which will set them on a path to embrace life with enthusiasm, curiosity and confidence, for a successful future.

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