Sunday, 22 April 2018

How to choose the best school for your Child?

It’s the season of school admissions!

Nearly 226 million Indian children are enrolled in schools – 90 million of these children are attending 75,000 private schools across the country.
For most parents, a choice of top school for their children is driven by perception, word of mouth, and infrastructure provided by the school. Most of these are shallow criteria, considering how important this decision is.

It’s not enough if the school has a great building, play areas, air-conditioned classrooms, activity labs and computers or tablets. There is more to learning than just infrastructure and facilities.

Here is a list of questions you need to ask as you consider choosing the best school for your kids:

1. How future ready is the school?

Your child will probably be in this school for over a decade. It is necessary to know how the school is prepared for future than focusing on its past pedigree.

2. Does learning happen outside a classroom and the textbooks?

In today’s world and era, it is imperative that education must not be limited to just one board or inside four walls. It would be a very sad commentary on the school if learning were confined to reciting lessons from textbooks and answering questions from the lessons. Making real world connections to what children learn inside the classrooms are becoming very important.

3. How skilled are the educators?

With education techniques being revolutionized, it is crucial that educators at the school are updated and abreast about the latest methods of teaching and learning. Also, they must be skilled enough to create a learning environment where kids are comfortable and productive.

4. Will your child get access to latest technology?

With world moving towards AI and Space Study, it has become extremely important to expose kids to developing technology from a tender age. Learning about new and innovative inventions as well as getting hands on experience on some latest devices will certainly be a big differentiator for life in the 21st century.

5. Is proper preference given to extra and co-curricular activities?

Excellence in academics is just one of the pillars of your child’s development. Participation in various cultural and co-curricular activities helps your child inculcate qualities such as leadership, team-spirit and self-confidence.

6. Does the infrastructure provide a safe and learning environment?

Student safety must be the top priority of any school. Ensure whether the school infrastructure is developed and maintained so as to cater to various safety measures for the children. Also, the school should provide a healthy and positive atmosphere wherein students can learn to their hearts content and have a sense of belonging.

Edify International School is one such school that will provide you with satisfactory answers for all your queries. With world renowned IB and CAIE standard curriculum, Edify education has over 14 years of proven experience and expertise and has over 25 schools across Asia.

Edify school aims to achieve overall personality development of young learners, with an all-inclusive education system that encompasses academics, sports, clubs, arts and culture, education tours and hobby development.

Today, just good education is not good enough. Discover a whole new way of learning at Edify International School, an IB world school now in Hinjawadi, Pune, Maharashtra.

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