Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Few reasons why your child will love Edify International School Pune

Edify International School, Pune is a community within a community. We believe that everyone from the staff to parents and the students themselves have a role to play in building an exceptional school and developing successful individuals. We are dedicated to providing world-renowned, high quality international education to our learners.

With over 14 years of proven experience, expertise and excellence and 25 school across Asia, Edify education aims to support a compassionate, diverse and inclusive cultural community of lifelong learners.

Below are the few reasons why we think your child will love us: 

Learning beyond the books and classroom
The aim of Edify education is to make students think beyond the boundaries of classroom. Students learn to ask ‘why’ before accepting any norms. Teaching practices at Edify are two-way. Students actively interact and express their views on different concepts. This, we believe, instills the love for learning and makes it fun and enjoyable.

Ask critical questions and seek answers for the same
The pedagogy we follow is different from the traditional chalk and board method. We foster creativity and imagination. It guides young minds to analyse their own thinking and efforts as well their performances. In order to learn, your child will research, and this very act will enable him or her to sustain a thirst for knowledge throughout life. 

Innovative programs beyond academics
Our extra-curricular activities are specially designed, catering to students’ signature strength. With dance, music, value education and our D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read), we aim for skill development in students. Also, students spend quality time with their classmates in different clubs and committees they choose, hence developing friendships and connecting with others. 

Sports education program
The school with its National and International size courts and sports infrastructure and also expert professional coaches supports different sports like swimming, skating, lawn tennis, squash, cricket and basketball. 

Exposure to different languages and cultures
We encourage students of all ages to consider both local and global contexts. Our major aim is to develop multilingual students with a global perspective, respecting all cultures and being successful at world level. 

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